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August 30, 2017

Meme Creativity

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By definition a meme is an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture. Most memes that become viral are humorous or have the intent of ridiculing human behavior.

But, used creatively, memes can also draw a person’s attention to an upcoming event, a person’s mission, a company’s vision.

Creating a meme or a series of memes is not difficult. All you need are some crisp, clear pictures of your topic, quotes or information, and a theme.

Select your theme

What do you want your memes to portray? We’ve seen the “Grumpy Cat” series as well as “Be Like Bill” that was popular a while back. Each of these focused on one thing and built on it.

Random Acts of Kindness

One person took the idea of Random Acts of Kindness one step forward. The Christmas season has become so commercialized and materialistic that she decided to focus on doing something nice for others during the days from Thanksgiving to Christmas. This resulted in a series of memes titled Random Acts of Christmas Kindness.

RACK #24

Horses Are Beautiful

Another company wanted to draw attention to how beneficial horses can be in the lives of children. The theme was called Horses Are Beautiful and its message was the positive ways horses can be used with all people.


Find your pictures

If you have a good camera or know a photographer, you can make a shot list based on your theme. An alternative is to download some royalty free clip art or pictures from the internet. Make sure the color and contrast in your pictures is such that you can easily put text on the picture without it “fading” into the background.


The wording on this meme is difficult to read. Some ways to improve the readability are to make the text a contrasting color to the colors on the picture, make the picture smaller so the text is on the white background, or put a color background behind the text.


All the colors of the fruit made it difficult to select a color for the text, so, we used a backdrop for the text. This makes the message easy to read without interfering with the actual picture.

RACK #27

In the meme we made the picture smaller so there was room for the text on the plain, white background.

Coordinate and Campaign

If you are creating a meme series you want consistency in the colors and font that you are using. You want the same message as well. This helps with branding if you are doing this for a company. Decide if and how you will use hashtags.  And if this is part of a campaign, will you use the company logo.

Lastly, figure out how often you will publish your memes. If you are creating a campaign on Face Book, you can use their scheduler to set up the campaign in advance and let it run on autopilot. If this is for yourself or an awareness campaign that you are doing, decide if this is something you will post every day or not. Then set your schedule.

Creating memes can be fun. Be sure to post your creation in the comments. Who knows, it just might go viral!

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