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November 26, 2017

Using cards in YouTube

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One of the most powerful features in YouTube is the addition of cards to your video. Although some people may differ because a card can take people away from your video, that may be just what you want the viewer to do.

A card is an icon in the upper right corner of the video screen. You can define when you want it to attract the viewer’s attention. It does this by placing a short pop-up on the screen. If the viewer clicks on the icon, the link appears.

Possible links

YouTube provides five different link possibilities for a video. You can select to use up to five cards. You can use only one link type or all five.

Another video

You can link your video to another video. This video can be in your studio or on another channel. Your videos will be automatically displayed. You will need the address of the YouTube video if it is on another channel.


You can link to another channel by providing the URL for that channel. This takes the viewer to the channel’s home instead of a particular video.


You can link to a non-profit if you are asking your viewer to make a donation to that non-profit. These non-profits have to be approved by YouTube.


You can create a poll asking the viewers for their opinions or requests. This is helpful if you want to know if your video was helpful to them or is you want to get suggestions to create other videos.


To use this feature you’ll need to join the YouTube Partner Program. This allows YouTube to determine the validity of your channel and if it complies with their Community Guidelines.

This card will allow you to link to your associated website, merchandise sites, and crowdfunding sites.

Watch the video at the beginning of this blog to learn how to add cards to your YouTube video.

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